Combating decreasing international oil prices

IT outsourcing companies in Dubai can benefit from using Microsoft 365 across Dubai especially during times of uncertainties. To better explain it decrease in oil prices would mean other states starts relying on Dubai to  save  UAE’s economy. This in turn would leave Dubai with no choice but get the best out of its resources in the IT industry.

The status of Dubai’s IT industry: Apart from relying heavily on tourism, Dubai has a fairly strong base in the world of Information Technology. In light of decrease in International oil prices Dubai needs to upscale its IT industry.

The process of up scaling: Dubai should look for ways to outsource its IT companies in weaker countries particularly in the South Asian region. There is a good reason for Dubai to outsource its IT resources in weaker countries due to the low wage factor which would mean an increase in revenues which can then be used in improving UAE’s economy. From South Asia’s perspective it would mean gaining access to IT software at fairly reasonable prices rather than get the same thing  from Europe or the states. The fact that South Asian countries have not tasted success in technological advancements, this is a chance to improve their economies respectively. Dubai can start by introducing PABX systems, should it turn out to be successful then the state should give its IT companies the go ahead signal to roll out CCTVs.

Role of a user friendly software: Before IT companies think of outsourcing entirely in Asian countries, it is recommended that they understand the Asian market’s response to Information Technology(IT). Rather than sending its employees all the way to different countries would serve no benefit when they find out there is no market for IT to flourish within the Asian region. A better alternative is to use the Microsoft Office 365 in smoothing out the process of checking the feasibility of launching IT products in the Asian market. To better explain it, IT companies should connect expats with this software so that both the companies and expats(they will turn into employees) can share reports, files and documents through the cloud systems. The convenience of the cloud system is such that it can be easily accessible at all times. The office 365 can make the whole point of outsourcing Dubai’s IT resources feasible without incurring much cost simultaneously.