Interesting facts about Google

Google is now part of our lives. You cannot imagine to live a day without it. We search for bags on Google and we take help from same google when we want best antivirus for mac or the best book to read this summer. But have we ever tried to know our daily life buddy? 

No, we have not. Do you want to know your best friend? If yes, then scroll down and read below! 

  1. The word GOOGLE is originated from GOOGOL. It is a mathematical term which means 100 zeros beyond 1.
  2. The inventor of Goggle, Larry Page, named the site Backrub 
  3. The company rents goats on regular basis to mow their green lands and lawns. Their employees think that it is calming to see goats outside. 
  4. Now you have Google instant which gives you websites as you are finished up with typing on the search bar. You don’t need to click on I am Feeling Lucky. This option had cost them $110 million. 
  5. Google uses foo. It is a web tool.  They use it to hire new employees on the basis that what their future employees are searching there. If you are searching for programming languages or Python then you will get mail to apply for job at Google. 
  6. The first doodle was of a burning man stick. It was published on 30th of August in 1998 to show that team is not in the office; therefore, issues could not be handled or solved at that time. Larry Page and Sergey were in Nevada at that time to celebrate burning man stick. 
  7. The inventors have their planes’ runways in NASA where none of the outsiders are permitted to land. 
  8. You won’t land to another site if you would type or because the search engine owns all misspellings. 
  9. Lego were used to build first storage computer of Google. 
  10. Google is caring. They guarantee to give 50 percent or half of the salary of a person who work there to his or her spouse if the working person would die. The salary will be provided for a decade. 
  11. You will get food good everywhere at Google because it their rule to have every space not 150 feet far away from food. 
  12. There is mirror image of Google too.  All you need is to type Google mirror on search mirror and you will then see all things in rotated manner. 

So, these are a few facts about Google that have told you about antivirus UAE or Victoria Secret models at the time of searching. So, adore and appreciate Google and live happy life.