Role of an architect and civil engineer in construction

mine manager and workers at quarry discussing future plan

The entire process of construction is quite time consuming and challenging as well. If you are willing to construct your own building whether it is for residential purpose or commercial purpose, you will definitely need a professional architect and an experienced civil engineer. Without these two professionals you can not accomplish the mission of your dream building. Apart from hiring them there are still a number of issues involved in construction process which includes legal formalities, choice of material, your budget range, time duration and much more. On the hand you also have to hire a sufficient team of working labors who are capable enough to work efficiently with full enthusiasm so that the whole construction process is completed within few months without causing any delay. This article is all about the role of an architect and civil engineer in the entire construction process so continue reading to gain more knowledge regarding this aspect.


The construction process can not be started without an architect. For this purpose you can coordinate with several architecture firms Abu Dhabi. An architect is a person who is responsible to work on the appearance of the building. He will design a complete layout about all the rooms and areas which are required by their client. They know that how to accommodate all the necessary requirements of their client in the given space. Not only this, they also work on the functionality of building so that their client would not have to face any inconvenience later on. 

Civil engineer 

On the other hand civil engineer also plays a very important role in the construction process. There are a number of professional civil engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi who work along with the architect to ensure an appropriate design of the building. The difference between the architect and civil engineer is that, an architect is more focused on the artistry and design of the building while the civil engineer is responsible to ensure the structural integrity of the building that whether it is capable of handling all the forces or not. This aspect is quite important as any careless attitude could lead to a terrible incident later on. For this purpose he will also check the quality of the used materials to ensure longevity and safety of the building.