The most popular cocktails

The most popular cocktails

A cocktail is a blend of liquor and other flavoring ingredients which is usually served with ice. You can find best cocktail bar Dubai. There are some of the most popular cocktails about which we have talked below.

  1. Jungle bird: In many bars this amazing cocktail is served in a bird’s cage for its ultimate appearance. Its presentation with a cage bird is what makes it look appealing. It is reportedly said that jungle bird was made-up in Kuala Lumpur in 1978.
  1. Long island iced tea: The perfect blend of tequila, gin, rum and vodka is the ultimate choice to enjoy your evenings. The great taste of combining these spirits provides the greatest satisfaction to alcohol lovers.
  1. Zombie: Like the name the drink has a wild flavor in it. It is a perfect blend of lemon, lime, pineapple juices, passion fruit syrup, and brown sugar along with three different types of rum. This amazing drink was first made by the hands of an American bartender in 1934.
  1. Pina colada: If we are talking about the most popular cocktails then how can we forget pina colada? It is an all-time favorite of cocktail lovers. A mixture of white rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and chunks gives the ultimate satisfaction.

Types of cocktails

There are some types of cocktails that are very famous for their different textures, flavors and presentation. Let’s discuss few below.

  1. Short cocktails: The most common type of cocktail is a short cocktail which is mixed or shaken and then served in a rock glass. It is made up of simply liquor and other ingredients. Its garnish is also kept simple which enhances its look. Short cocktail is very much stronger than other cocktails as it made up of strong alcohol along with the ingredients which are not watered down.
  1. High cocktails: the high cocktail is very strong as compared to short cocktail. It is simply made up of some proportion of alcohol with other non-alcoholic ingredient which is most likely to be carbonated drink. It includes a rum and coke or scotch and soda.
  1. Hot cocktails: Hot buttered rum, apple cider, Irish coffee are some of the cocktails which make to the list of hot cocktails. Your winter evenings are made special with a nice glass of a hot cocktail.

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