How to become Voice Over Artist in Dubai?

Everyone loves to talk. Everyone loves to engage with every other person to express their own opinions so freely in front of everyone. Everyone wants to feel free in front of public. All dream to speak confidently. All wants to speak something engaging, something unique and something that everyone can find relatable.
However, only few are able to 

  1. Talk in public
  2. Feel free in public
  3. Feel confident on stage
  4. Express something engaging, unique and relatable. 

After all, everyone has different talents by born. Yet, people can try to polish their skills and become better in different field and sectors. 

To become a better speaker who can do French, Arabic or English voice overs in their spare time to save few pennies for pocket money, a person needs to practice several things regularly to improve his or her speech and speaking skills. Some of things you need to do are:

  1. Read daily: Read a page daily but don’t read in your old way. Read aloud, pronounce every word clearly. Open your mouth completely to read every word so that every world can heard clearly. Give Stress on important words to make the sentence as effective as it is felt by you when you read silently. Read rhythmically to practice intonations.
  2. Watch Movie: Watch your favourite movies too. Try different movies as well but while watching, close your eyes and listen the dialogues carefully. Try to understand that how the actor is delivering the dialogue. Try to understand that how many pauses they are giving. Try to realize that what would be the expressions while delivery. Don’t do this for whole two hours. Do as much as you can while watching the movie. It will help you in learning to give pauses and stress on important words. Pauses are very important in speech, whether you are reading script in Dubai recording studio or talking to your parents, because it makes the words and sentences impactful. It keep the individuals engaged with the speaker. 
  3. Warm Water: Change your diet as well, not completely but atleast partially. Try to avoid cold water as it can harm your voice box. Drink luke warm water because its favourite of your voice box.

So, these are three ways to improve your communicative skills to become professional voice over artist. Communicator needs to be very influential and sound. After all, he or she has power to change the mind-set of masses.