Getting the body’s metabolism functioning right

The best endocrinologist in Dubai is one that has vast knowledge when it comes to the metabolism or any other sorts of biochemical processes that allows the body to function adequately. Endocrinologist deal with patients of all ages, those who deal with children are called pediatric endocrinologists.

Specialization of an endocrinologist: They deal with glands that are situated on top of the kidneys. Endocrinologist do an amazing when it comes to controlling blood pressures and metabolisms. They alter diets of patients diagnosed with cholesterol for example cutting down on red meat and consuming more vegetables and fruits. They observe the functionality of pancreases in particular for obese patients. An endocrinologist  also studies the hypothalamus comprising the part of the human brain responsible for controlling the body’s temperature, hunger and thirst. Female patients can work with a endocrinologist and gynecologists when it comes to the reproductive glands.

License to practice: Patients should do their own research when it comes to deciding amongst a list of endocrinologist to choose from. They should ensure the endocrinologist is a licensed internal medicine doctor and have cleared specific additional certification exams to be eligible. A well reputed endocrinologist is one that has minimum 10 years of experience which is the result of having gone through the required stages to become a endocrinologist.

Symptoms that call for a visit:  When an individual lacks an iota of knowledge regarding diabetes for instance not realizing the consequences of being obese. Individual who end up taking multiple shots or use insulin pumps are referred to an endocrinologist by their regular doctors. The diabetes for multiple reasons is getting worse with the passage of time. After evaluating the patient, endocrinologist would prescribe medications and also advise the patient to alter their lifestyle by  working out accordingly.

Popularity of plastic surgery: Relevant authorities should keep tabs on the boom of plastic surgery in Dubai. The reason being is with Dubai considered as a huge hub in the world of plastic surgeries owned by investors and not surgeons has proven to be controversial. Investors having a major say in the functionality of plastic surgeries can tarnish  the state’s image of being a medical tourism hub. Bearing in mind that most clinics are owned by investors, the overall cost of performing plastic surgeries have gone down which negatively affects the quality of plastic surgeries. To curb this matter, concerned authorities should start crackdowns on clinics owned by investors.