Depression and Individuals Personal Health

There may come a point in an individual’s life where they feel down and hopeless. It is true that some people may recover from such process within a short span of time. But on the other hand, some people just go in deep depression and they do not have any sort of hope to recover from such problems. Due to this some people even take their own life because they do not find any meaning or reason to live a happy and prosperous life. 

But some people may be seen opting for anxiety counselling Abu Dhabi and others may even be seen opting for eating disorder treatment in Abu Dhabi because people want to recover from all such problems and they want to live a healthy and prosperous life with their loved ones. 

A thing which is true is that people who suffer from severe depression problems are unable to work with same zeal and strength like before. One is even unable to sleep properly because of all these issues.   

A person may feel restless most of the time when they are dealing with severe depression problem. One may not be able to work with the same zeal and strength too. They may even feel fatigue out and women who face depression issues from a long span of time are unable to take care of their family members too. 

But one should never lose hope and they should try their level best to recover from such problems. Yes, this thing can be achieved if one tries and their loved ones do not leave them alone.

Some of the symptoms related to depression have been discussed below.

Weight Loss

A person who has been facing issues like severe panic attack and depression problem may be seen losing excessive weight within a short span of time. This is true because such people are mostly left alone and no one takes their condition seriously. Instead of taking care of them they are left all by their own. Due to depressive thoughts these people are unable to remain healthy and do not even eat healthy food.


One is unable to sleep properly due to negative thoughts too. Such people even take their own life when they do not find any sort of solution for their problems. 

Instead of ignoring such people one should surely help them out so they can live a healthy and peaceful life like others.