Who is a nanny?

A lady who is a child career is called a nanny. Who take care of child and all those things and matter related to the child? It includes the preparation of meals, laundry, cleaning, washing, maintenance of toys. Nannies have many responsibilities and duties to perform. They have a responsibility to pick and drop the child to the school, they also have to stay with the child in different circular activities. Nannies have to visit swimming pool, libraries and other social activities. You may find a variety of great nurses and a nanny in Dubai

What qualities should nanny have?

Qualification of a nanny in Dubai matters a lot. Before hiring any nanny for your child must check qualification. Your child’s development may also depend on her personality. Child picks or captures things and thoughts by the close relations and people. The child spends most of his time with the person. Child must copy to that person. So, it is also necessary to keep check on the progress of the child whether gaining positive influence or negative influence. She knows how important the five senses are for a person, there are multiple baby sensory institutes in Dubai.

How to find a nanny?

Usually, people are not considering a nanny who is unknown or without a reference. People consider authentic agencies who provides their employees that work for the nanny’s occupation. With the approval and satisfaction of the agency people prefer to hire a nanny. However, there are two types of nannies. First live out nannies who work for a specific hour and live in nannies who live in the house.

Why people prefer a nanny for the development of their child?

In the modern era, trend has been changed. Not all mothers stay in the home and not all mothers are a house wife. Nowadays, after giving a birth of child, women continue their work outside the home. Career oriented or work oriented ladies don’t sit at the home for the whole day. They rejoin their offices, duties and back to the work.

In that case they need a house care taker or a child care taker who can look after their child when they are not at home mostly. As we all know, modern technology has its disadvantages too. In the absence of parents, child may involve with wrong activities.